Welcome to VPN UK. A UK based Virtual Private Network service Public wireless internet hotspots can be dangerous. Anybody can set up a wifi hotspot in a public location (even giving it a fake name such as "BT Wifi") and trick people in to using it. Then, unsuspecting wifi users are vulnerable to their data being snooped on and tracked, passwords and login details for email and online banking can be captured and used by hackers. Access the internet safely and securely while away from home using our UK VPN service.  Our UK based VPN also unblocks any websites which you might not be able to access using hotel, university or college networks, also if travelling in a country with restricted internet access (such as China), you can access all of your usual websites and services without the government or network provider blocking* or snooping on your internet usage.


  1. No complicated plans to choose from. Pay for a plan and never get automatically billed. Renew if and when you want.
  2. High encryption (AES-256). This form of encryption will protect any data you send across the internet and your traffic and browsing will be safe from snooping internet providers and governments!
  3. Hide your real IP address. When you connect to our VPN, every website you visit will think that you are actually physically located in the United Kingdom.
  4. A must for public Wifi Hotspots and while travelling abroad to ensure maximum security for your internet connection, where ever you are!
  5. Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.
  6. No limits! Connect and use our VPN service 24/7 without any extra costs.
  7. Access blocked websites* no matter where you are in the world, get back your browsing freedom!
  8. Instant access to our VPN after successful payment.
  *Read our Acceptable Use Policy before signing up!]]>