Android Setup Guide

Android Setup Guide

1: Install "OpenVPN Connect" from the app store.

2: Download our config file  from here and save to your SD card. By "download", we mean save the config file to your device, don't just click on the link. Hold down on the link and save the file to your device.

3: Open the "OpenVPN Connect" program on your device.

4: On the menu, choose "Import" then "Import Profile From SD Card"

5: Browse to your download location and find the vpnuk1 config file you downloaded, and select it.

6: Enter your VPN-UK website username (not email address) and password.  (Optional - check the box to save login details)

Use the Connect / Disconnect options on the main OpenVPN screen as needed.

Ignore any adverts on the OpenVPN interface for and - they're trying to get you to sign up to premium packages, since the OpenVPN Connect program is free!