There are free UK VPNs available, so why choose a premium VPN?

Ask yourself, why would somebody set up a VPN at their expense and allow internet users to have free VPN access? Something doesn't add up. To have a reliable UK based VPN, a dedicated server is required. These start can cost hundreds of pounds/dollars per month. Why would somebody give this away for free?
Do you trust the free VPN provider? Here is an example. One free UK VPN provider (were operating under - they have recently shut down) used 128 bit encryption. This encryption is obsolete, it can easily be cracked by any home computer (click here to read more 128bit PPTP VPN encryption). Perhaps the person offering the free VPN is in fact capturing user data such as login details for websites, email and online banking! uses use 256bit encryption which would take one or more supercomputers to crack. So unless you are doing something you shouldn't be, the government are not going to single you out and dedicate massive resources in an attempt to crack your encrypted VPN data! Any home users such as hackers are unable to sniff and crack your data, so all your online browsing, logins and transactions are safe. Of course, you should only ever make online transactions on trusted websites and only ever on websites using SSL security - shown by a https prefix and a padlock icon in the browser address bar, for example, Google Chrome users would see something like the image below:

Will a free VPN have much reliability? In a word: No! How would the VPN provider restrict usage? Each VPN server can only handle a certain amount of users, let's say "100" users. So if the server in question has been configured to allow a maximum of 100 connections/users on the VPN, what happens when 100 VPN users are logged in but you want to use the VPN? You cannot!
Or, if the VPN provider doesn't put limits on the maximum amount of users per server (a server which can only handle 100 connections ) and over 100 people are connected to the VPN? Service will deteriorate greatly, for example, if you are trying to watch online video it will buffer and pause frequently, or if you are trying to download a file, it will be very, very slow. Web pages will take a long time to load and often "time out", meaning they will not load correctly and will stall, you might have to refresh many times to get the web page to load.
Here at we are building a large network of VPN servers, allowing us to offer a very large amount of concurrent users and Virtual Private Networks in many countries.
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