Windows 10 Setup Guide

Windows 10 Setup Guide

VPN UK Setup guide for Microsoft Windows 10


1: First, download our configuration file - from here (using your right hand mouse button, right click on the link then choose "save as"):

You will need this file later, so please make note of where you save the file to (e.g., "Documents" or "Downloads"):


2: Go to the official OpenVPN GUI  download page  and download the "Installer, Windows 7 and later" client, as seen in the image below:


3: Install the program your just downloaded by clicking on the completed download in your web browser.

Firefox web browser users will see the arrow turn blue once download is complete.  Click on the arrow, then click on the openvpn-install file to start installing the program to your computer.

Chrome web browser users will see the downloaded file at the bottom left of your screen, click this to start the install.


4: A popup window will ask you "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to your computer" - Click "yes".

5: Keep clicking next / I agree etc) be sure to keep default options selected / ticked, once install is complete, click Finish.



6: When you see a window asking if to install the TAP Adapter - click Install.


7: Right click on the OpenVPN GUI icon on your desktop and click on Properties:

7: Click on the Compatibility tab.
8: Check the "Run as Administrator" box and click OK.


9: Double click the OpenVPN GUI icon on your desktop:



This will launch OpenVPN GUI and create an icon in your system tray (next to the clock) in the shape of computer screen with a lock. Don't confuse this with the Networking icon which is very similar. If unsure, place  your mouse arrow over the icon and leave the mouse still for a moment, a little text tip will appear and say what the icon is for:



10: Now right click on the OpenVPN icon and choose "Import file".


11: Browse to the download location of the vpnuknew config file (which you downloaded at the very start of this guide)

12: Click on the file and click "Open"


Now everything is set up, you can connect to our VPN server and start using it.

12: Right click the OpenVPN GUI icon (in your system tray, near the clock) and select "Connect".




13: Enter your VPN-UK website username (not email address) and password.

  • Tick the "Save password" box.
  • Click OK to connect!

While the VPN is connecting, you will see this dialog box (below) for a few seconds.

After 5-10 seconds, the dialog box minimises to the system tray and you are connected!

The OpenVPN system tray icon turns green:

If you wish to disconnect from the VPN, right click the icon in the system tray.


Only use the VPN when you want a secure connection via the UK, such as accessing UK restricted websites and services, or if you are using a public wifi spot.